Amariah Abaya

Amariah Abaya

Amariah Abaya

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Introducing Amariah Abaya: Crinkle Nidah Elegance with Butterfly Cut and Exquisite Embellishments

Experience the pinnacle of grace and sophistication with our Amariah Abaya. Crafted meticulously from luxurious Crinkle Nidah fabric, this exquisite attire boasts a captivating butterfly cut adorned with intricate embellishments, redefining modest fashion with its unique and graceful silhouette.

Key Features:

  1. Crinkle Nidah Fabric: Immerse yourself in opulence with the Amariah Abaya, tailored from premium Crinkle Nidah fabric. Feel the exceptional comfort, softness, and durability as the fabric drapes flawlessly around you, imparting a sense of pure luxury.

  2. Butterfly Cut Design: The Amariah Abaya exudes an aura of elegance with its enchanting butterfly cut.

  3. Exquisite Embellishments: Adorning the butterfly cut, the Abaya features intricate embellishments that elevate its allure. These meticulously crafted details add a touch of refinement and sophistication, making a statement of timeless beauty.

  4. Comfortable Fit: Embrace comfort in every step with the relaxed and flowing design of the Abaya. Its comfortable fit allows for ease of movement, ensuring you feel at ease while exuding grace and confidence.

Choose the Amariah Abaya – Where Butterfly Cut and Embellishments Meet Crinkle Nidah Fabric for an Unforgettable Blend of Tradition and Modernity.


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Malaika Arman Arman

Aaidah Abaya

Mehwish Mushtaq

Nooreh Abaya

Muhammad Aamir

Sir please contact to me back
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Abdullah Ali
Zeenia Abaya Review

I love the abaya so much. It is so pretty. The work on it, has my heart. I'm highly satisfied. Jazzakillah.

Noorah abaya

Quality and style is very good,scarf is missing in order but good customer service was very good and response for the missing item was well coming so waiting for it .